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These simple, 100% cotton, drawstring pants are not actually made from the skin of a Selkie; in fact, they're not even made from seal fur... they are made from thick 310gsm cotton and are very durable for everyday streetwear in the cooler months... or when relaxing on a rock in winter staring wistfully out into the cool waters of the sea! Other features include magical Pictish symbols, a 7-circuit labyrinth, and Celtic triskel symbols on each leg, set against a background scan from a portion of old oiled leather resembling seal-skin. 

NOTE: Please refer to the size chart in with the image photographs for sizing guidelines.

Pictish Selkie-skin Trousers

  • All SYLVAN clothing items are made to order, and delivered directly from the manufacturer to you. As such, any inquiries with regards to manufacturing options, sizing, quality, delivery times, etc, over which SYLVAN has no control will be forwarded to the manufacturer for comment.

    Note: DUE TO THE COUTURE NATURE OF THESE PANTS, PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 5 WEEKS FOR PRINTING, CUTTING, SEWING, AND WORLDWIDE DELIVERY (In most cases, customers in the US, Europe, and Australia will receive their order within 3-4 weeks).


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