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The casting cloth not only helps to keep your runes clean (both pysically and energetically), it also functions as a calendar system, also showing the SOL-STAR RUNES phonetic correspondences, key word meanings, and calendar equivalents with one rune representing each week. The 26 vowel runes equate to the summer half of the year, and the 26 consonents represent the Winter half. The equivalent months and days are shown, as well as the days/weeks for the 8 Agrarian festivals of the Wheel of the Year (2 Solstices, 2 Equinoxes, 4 cross-quarter days marking the harvests/seasons. Also shown on the wheel are the 4 modern seasonal markers of the contemporary calendar. At the centre of the 'wheel' is the 'Heart of the Seed' symbol from which all of the 52 SOL-STAR RUNES were drawn.

The casting cloth is made from imitation silk, providing a smooth, soft, and colorful surface for your readings. There are 3 sizes available, small (60cm), medium (90cm), and large (110cm)

SOL-STAR RUNES casting cloth

  • All SYLVAN branded products are made to order, and delivered directly from the manufacturer to you. As such, any inquiries with regards to manufacturing options, sizing, quality, delivery times, etc, over which SYLVAN has no control will be forwarded to the manufacturer for comment.

    Note: DUE TO THE MADE TO ORDER NATURE OF THESE CASTING CLOTHS, PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 5 WEEKS FOR PRINTING, MANUFACTURE, AND WORLDWIDE DELIVERY (In most cases, customers in the US, Europe, and Australia will receive their order within 3-4 weeks).


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