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Like the Art Coats, this Art Blazer by Sylvan is truly spectacular and is made from 100% thick cotton canvas.  However, the biggest feature is the large-scale reproduction of one of his most important mixed-media artworks covering the entire back of the coat. It is titled 'WATERS OF LIFE: THE QUICKENING' and features many layers of symbolism. The artwork represents the moment during pregnancy known as 'THE QUICKENING', being that time (usually around 18-19 weeks) when the baby shows the first signs of independent movement as a living person in their own right. In ancient times, this is believed to be the moment when the 'soul or spirit' first enters the body and TRUE life begins; the baby is no longer a foetus! Here, the divine 'ANGEL OF LIGHT/LIFE' is represented pouring the divine 'Waters of Life' into the womb of the mother from the area of the Solar Plexus (i.e. in Alchemy, the solar light/life-force, or Prana).. This amazing Art Blazer is, in many ways, a works of art in it's own right that you will feel honoured to wear down the street, but expect to be asked all about it!

NOTE: Please refer to the sizing chart for sizes and measurements. Due to being hand-made to order, finished sizes may vary by up to 25mm.


  • All SYLVAN clothing items are made to order, and delivered directly from the manufacturer to you. As such, any inquiries with regards to manufacturing options, sizing, quality, delivery times, etc, over which SYLVAN has no control will be forwarded to the manufacturer for comment.

    Note: DUE TO THE COUTURE, HAND-MADE TO ORDER NATURE OF THESE UNIQUE BLAZERS, PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 5 WEEKS FOR PRINTING, CUTTING, SEWING, AND WORLDWIDE DELIVERY (In most cases, customers in the US, Europe, and Australia will receive their order within 3-4 weeks).


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  • These Art Blazerss are being offered by the artist on a STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION of 100 pieces that, once sold, will not be repeated.

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