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This artwork has been created on a 2.4m (8') high x 1.2m (4') wide marine ply panel mounted onto a timber frame and then covered with hessian and, finally, coated with a heavy gesso modeling compound in order to give it the surface stability and adhesion required for a variety of modeled, high-relief metallic finishes and surface treatments. These include using piped modeling compound for background pictographs and petraglyphs, iridescent (interference) medium, ancient bronze powder pigments in acrylic gel medium, aged bronze patinas, heavily rusted iron surface treatments, gold and silver leaf, celtic gold/bronze wax gilding, acrylic crazing medium and bituminous paint. In addition to these surface treatments, a number of other mixed-media objects have been added including a stag antler, animal bones, shells, sea-urchin fragments, a flaked obsidian arrowhead, mosses, air-ferns and glass cabochons, etc.

The image itself represents my ancient Anglo-Celtic and Nordic Viking indigenous roots from neolithic times to dark age Britain. As such, it includes numerous symbolic elements from both sacred geometry to neolithic symbols and petraglyphs, etc, spirals, a large sunwheel, etc.

The artwork also includes my first use of my phonetic language SOL-STAR RUNES to create text elements and symbols. Down the right-hand side it simply has one word; PRIMADEUS (or the original/essential deity in Animist times prior to the arrival of modern religious practices. Down the bottom of the artwork is the title in Sol-Star Runes; 'Stone to Iron, Bone to Rune'.

The 3 bright vertical bars of light represent the original sacred 'trinity' and birth of spiritual belief systems (i.e. triskelion; Druidic 3 rays; maiden, mother, crone; 3 realms of existence, etc.). The nautilus shell represents the Fibonacci spiral or golden ratio in the underlying 'sacred geometry' of all that exists in our universe.

This work is currently being revised because I feel that the robes on the main figure should be lighter and less 'Gothic-looking'. He is a Druid Seer/Ovydd.

Please message me via the contact page if you would like to submit an expression of interest in purchasing this monumental work.

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