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As shown above, the SOL-STAR runes consist of 26 consonant sounds and 26 vowel sounds totalling 52 characters in all (8 more than the current established IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) in common use in dictionaries, etc., throughout the world since 1886. As such, when used in writing, it has the ability to convey even the most subtle differences in spoken word sounds used by different peoples and cultures world wide. This is because the intent of the SOL-STAR RUNES is that it should ALWAYS be written ORALLY, or as we speak it rather than the very confusing way words (especially in such hybrid languages as English) may be spelled in the traditional sense. By writing as we say things, even the subtle inflexions of accents and certain moods at the time of writing may be readily conveyed. Indeed, the reader should be able to loosely determine where a person is from just by the way they speak/write and, furthermore, even though somebody might not understand the language somebody from another country is using, if it is written in a universally shared phonetic form of writing, you can still read and speak the words in whatever language it is written in.


This makes the ability to communicate across borders a far simpler process whereby, if you can already write in a shared, universally understood phonetic 'language', all you need to learn is the meaning of different words/sounds and not how they are written or 'spelled' as well in order to learn a new language.


While it is not completely necessary to do so, when single words, names and short phrases are written in the SOL-STAR runes, the words are normally contained between horizontal lines along the top and bottom boundaries of the words. This is much the same as the Norse and Anglo-Saxon runes from over a thousand years ago and is a useful tool in that it makes creating flowing, organic lines of text much easier to follow. However, it also means that punctuation marks are better placed in the centre, rather than the bottom edge of lines of text. As such, common punctuation marks such as a comma is written as a central short vertical stroke, or a full stop as a 'dot'.

Note: Referring to the chart of characters at the top of this page, take note of how the choice of runes used in this sentence matches the way I SPEAK, not the actual way the words are spelled; i.e. only one 'M' sound in 'comma' and the sound 'uh' rather than the letter 'a' at the end. Also the word 'full' in 'full stop' requires only one 'l' sound and the letter 'u' is pronounced as in the word 'put', not as in the word 'up'.


Other commonly used punctuation marks are as follows:


These runes are uniquely well-suited for divination. Their uniqueness is in the fact that the two groups of 26 rune cards have been given interpretive meanings that are both object-based (objective, i.e. Mother, Father, Forest, Water, Home, Chalice, Mountain, etc) and empathic (subjective, i.e. Strength, Love, Awakening, Fate, Desire, etc). This being the case, it can often work better for divination using the SUBJECTIVE cards independently where quick, single card guidance on feelings, love, emotions, etc., is required. Or for quick, single card guidance on purely worldly matters such as deciding on relocating, buying a property, etc., the OBJECTIVE cards may be better suited. However, in the vast majority of cases the guidance sought is much more rounded and complete using the full deck and either a 3, or more thorough 7-card spread. The detailed 140-page guidebook that comes with the cards has a very comprehensive section on the different spreads and interpretive readings, with rune meanings in both the UPRIGHT and INVERSE positions for each rune.

It is not practical for me to provide more detailed information on the meanings, spreads, and interpretations of the runes on this website other than through direct enquiries via the CONTACT form, or via SYLVAN'S BLOG subjects and posts. However, I will shortly be establishing a new PODCAST and introductory videos on matters related to the SOL-STAR RUNES that will also be very informative.


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